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Divine By Mistake: Chapter 3
badfic, nostradamus
ZeldaQueen: Ready for another chapter with minimal plot and a whole lotta nothing? I know you were!
God Damn It, Not Five Chapters In And Already We Get Research Fail!Collapse )

Announcements From The Realm: Check This Out, Please!
Greetings, everyone! Bit of a break from sporking right now, to bring up something a little different.

I've mentioned before how I'm involved with the Ghost Trick Musical Project. Well, fellow LJ member helenvondrama is as well! Besides being a massive Ace Attorney fan, she is also working to make her way as a professional actress and singer. Her latest project was an English cover of "Mune Ga Doki Doki", which fans of Detective Conan will recognize as the J-Rock song used as the opening theme!

You're probably scratching your head, wondering why I'm bringing so much attention to this one cover in particular. Well... this one's kind of special to me. You see, after some time dithering around, I've finally had a chance to finish something I've really been wanting to do - put together an English translation of one of the many J-Rock songs I'm fond of.

That's right, folks. The English cover in that video? I did the lyrics! :D

For those who know the opening of the dub of Case Closed, I didn't use any of those lyrics. I looked at a literal translation and put it together in a way that I hope is pleasing and makes sense. I myself knew I'd be no good at singing it, but fortunately the awesome Helen was happy to give it a shot. And what a job she did on it!

So yeah, please take a listen! And if you like Helen's singing, please listen to her other covers (she's done a good many fandubs of songs from Studio Ghibli films - this was her first foray into rock!), give her feedback, spread word of her YouTube channel to other folks, and all that fun stuff. :)

Anywho, that's my announcement for today! Take a listen, tell us what you think, and stick around for some more music and sporkings. Hope you enjoy!

Divine By Mistake: Chapter 2
badfic, nostradamus
ZeldaQueen: After our opening chapter of fucking nothing at all, we open with Shannon berating herself for being creeped out. So yeah, this chapter is just directly continuing from the first. I see PC Cast plays as fast and loose with chapter breaks as James Patterson does.
Dear Lord, Shannon"s Judgemental! Zoey, Eat Your Heart Out!Collapse )

In Which I Do A Meme: OTP Questions
Spork, Zelda Queen
Yoinked from insanepurin, to make up for missing posting Marked last week. ^^;

Send me a character and I'll tell you:

My NOTP for them
My OTF (One True Friendship) for them
My OTP for them
My second choice pairing for them
My fluffy pairing for them
My angsty pairing for them
My favorite poly ship for them
My weirdest pairing for them

Fandoms: Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, Hetalia, Narnia, Detective Conan, Cyborg 009, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and any other fandom I previously mentioned being into.

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Divine By Mistake: Chapter 1
badfic, nostradamus
ZeldaQueen: So yeah, this book is split into three parts, for some reason. I have nary a clue why. Technically the book resets the chapters after each part begins (so the first chapter in the second part is Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 5), but because that's needlessly confusing, I'll just be counting the chapters as they go.
An Entire Chapter Of Nothing, Shoot Me Now!Collapse )

Divine By Mistake: Acknowledgments
badfic, nostradamus
ZeldaQueen: You guys, it is time for us to embark on a long and Sue-filled journey. We are starting off with the first book ever written by PC Cast. Is it as bad as House of Night? There is but one way to find out, so let us begin!
At Least There Are No "We HEART You!"s...Collapse )

Divine By Mistake: Table Of Contents
projection, voices, room
Read more...Collapse )

In Which I Do A Meme: GIF Challenge
Javert, Phillip Quast, Roommates, detective
Got tagged for this a good long while ago by charlie2cute!

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked with gifs, and write 11 new ones or don’t, whatever. ~
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them. (Does the tagging counts as telling? xd They'll see if they are tagged.)
Cut For A LOT of GifsCollapse )

Marked Redux: Chapter 2
Spork, Zelda Queen
ZeldaQueen: So in the last chapter, Zoey was marked as a vampire and… not much else happened, really. She just whined a lot and made fun of people we didn’t know and never would. This is going to be a pattern. Ready for the next chapter, Ruin?

Ruin: In a masochistic sort of way, yes. Let us spork.

Poor Zoey"s Mom...Collapse )

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