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Time To Fix The Mistakes: Chapter 1 - Even The Hardest Stones Crumble (Part 2)

ZeldaQueen: And more angsting by way of our protagonist! Hooray!

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Even The Hardest Stones Crumble (Part 2)


August 8, 2018 – August 10, 2018

ZeldaQueen: This is just like Hogwarts Exposed. Why the heck to these people think we care what the date is?

When Harry walked out of the hospital five days later – as the poison had done hard-to-heal damage to most of his internal organs – there were reporters outside waiting to talk to him. But the glamour Harry used allowed him to pass them all by without a second glance.

ZeldaQueen: So...apparently Harry's a fairy now?

Harry mourned his children with every step, but he could no longer think of having a family in this life. His entire world was shattered. Every person became a potential betrayer. Every person was a potential enemy.

ZeldaQueen: Yes, despite the fact that canon Harry's biggest characteristic was his love for his friends and his dependency on them in his life. It's not like he'd go to Ron and Hermione to help him sort this out at all

In the days that followed, Harry closed the home he'd purchased when he and that woman had started a family. He scheduled a private funeral for his beloved children in Godric's Hollow, next to the markers for his parents and the one he'd laid to Sirius Black's memory. The stones for Remus and Nymphadora Lupin were a few rows over. This sad place now contained Harry's only family, all dead.

ZeldaQueen: *starts playing the world's tiniest violin*

Wait a second, where the heck are Hermione and Ron? There is no way in heck they'd leave him alone to face all of that, especially since it was Ron's little sister that caused all of the trouble

The morning dawned clear and beautiful. Harry put on his nicest Muggle suit. He would get through the ceremony for his children. He had to. He would cast his spells of blessing and of physical protection. He would make their gravestones the most memorable things he could.

ZeldaQueen: Blahhhh!!!!

He apparated to an abandoned shop near to the cemetery. He opened the door with his magic

ZeldaQueen: He's got the magic!

and stepped out and walked to the cemetery. Very few people had been notified.

ZeldaQueen: All the better for him to wallow in his angst

The Weasleys had not been told the day and time of the service. Harry wasn't sure if he could manage seeing auburn hair right now. (He'd heard that she had been buried four days ago. She deserved to be fed to the crows.)

ZeldaQueen: Pfft, as if. Seriously, the Weasleys basically adopted Harry as another son before he even started to date Ginny! Ron is his best friend! There is no way in hell that he could keep them away from trying to help him out. And I also call bull on him not wanting to see them. As I said before, Ron is Harry's best friend! He is the one guy that Harry really trusts, along with Hermione! Even if Harry was upset, he'd want his friends to talk to!

And for the love of God, DW, stop that! Yes, Harry would be angry with Ginny but he'd also be confused! He'd be wondering what drove her to do something like that! He'd still feel sad and wish they were back in their good times! Harry is the guy who felt pity for Malfoy and even Tom Riddle (to a very small degree, but still). He would not be talking like that if his wife went insane like you made her

Neville and Luna were already there as was Teddy Lupin, Harry's godson. A very elderly Filius Flitwich had also come. His old Charms professor had retired five years earlier and wouldn't likely live out another year. Kingsley showed up just a moment after Harry arrived. His children's former tutor, Madeleine Catchbasket, was the last to arrive.

ZeldaQueen: Alright, so Nevil and Luna and Harry's old Charms teacher all were invited but Ron and Hermione weren't? BULL, I SAY!

Why would his children need a tutor? They were attending Hogwarts. It's not like they were homeschooled.

"Catchbasket"? Heh, nice name

Harry himself conducted the brief graveside memorial.

ZeldaQueen: In 3/4 time, at an adagio allegro tempo

"…Those are the stories I remember of my children. Their beauty and puckishness,

ZeldaQueen: "Puckishness"? Really? Author, you have no idea how Harry talks, do you?

their brilliance and stubbornness. Their love of jokes, stories, pranks, and living life to the fullest. If I lived a hundred lifetimes, I would never find three children I adored more. They were robbed from me, from you, and from this world.

ZeldaQueen: Because Ginny's EVIIIIIILLLL!!!!

I promise today that I will never forget and I will move mountains to give them some form of peace in the afterlife."

ZeldaQueen: Don't worry, they're in a better place (namely, not this fic)

And apparently DW missed the fact that Harry hated public speaking and lots of attention, especially when he'd just experienced loss

Harry stepped forward, wand in hand, and began casting the spells to settle his children's caskets into the ground – to seal them, to protect them, to comfort their mortal remains in the only way he had left.

ZeldaQueen: My God this is emo!

He spoke with everyone who'd come to the service. Harry stayed strong for his babies.

ZeldaQueen: He's pregnant?

Minister Shacklebolt was the last of the people to stop by to extend his condolences. Harry listened to the kind words.

ZeldaQueen: And why is the minister there if this is suck a low-key event? Harry and Kingsley knew each other, but I never got the feeling that they were best friends. Unlike RON AND HERMIONE!!!

"Minister, may I come by your office tomorrow sometime to have that discussion?"

ZeldaQueen: What discussion? The proper way to wear a fezz? When George Lucas will stop making Star Wars films? When Fred Phelps is finally going to kick the bucket?

Kingsley looked surprised for a moment before he remembered what Harry was referencing. The Minister nodded sadly. "I hope I can talk you out of something that will make you miserable."

ZeldaQueen: Good luck with that, buddy. When this version of Harry is angsty, everyone is miserable

"Well, we'll see."



August 11, 2018

"…Harry, you know I owe you my position…"

ZeldaQueen: Sexual or yoga?

"No, Minister, you got the unrewarding task all on your own merits." Harry's voice was somber, but slightly tinged with dark mirth.

ZeldaQueen: God, I hate this little angst-hat. Why does everyone feel the need to keep Harry like this? If I wanted to watch an adolescent guy whine a whole lot, I'd watch a Hayden Christenson film

"Not true, Harry. I served as the Interim Minister for two years after the war. Then I got booted to the Wizengamot, eventually becoming the Chief Warlock. But you brought down Minister Shipley with your corruption probe…

ZeldaQueen: JESUS!

and that basically brought me out of my Wizengamot dotage."

ZeldaQueen: Erm, I got the impression that everyone just decided to keep Kingsley on as permanent minister after he was serving as temporary one

Harry just nodded. If that's the way the Minister wanted to see history, there wasn't much Harry could do.

ZeldaQueen: Yes Harry, how dare he not listen to you?

Kingsley tried reapproaching the topic. "You were the one to push for the two pronged strategy after the war, Harry. The truth telling commission and amnesty for those who'd never killed or raped; combined with a redefinition of the Dark Arts that freed up entire branches of magic for renewed study, while increasing the penalties on all the parts that were genuinely considered Dark Arts. You're the reason there are now fifteen Unforgivable Curses and Rituals, Harry. You're the reason that Muggleborns are taught wizarding culture and traditions and why all purebloods are taught Muggle science, history, and such."

ZeldaQueen: Stu-per Harry, to the rescue!

Honestly, what? Wasn't it Hermione who got Muggleborn rights? And why would it take Harry to get Muggleborns taught wizarding culture? Can't they, you know, find it out on their own like people did before? And why would purebloods need to know Muggle culture? They have their own replacements for Muggle science. I guess the implication here is that the option is just opened for purebloods who are interested, but again there's the question of why the frig said interested purebloods don't just find that stuff out for themselves? There're these funny things called "libraries" and all...

"Then the world is a better place for the things I accidentally crusaded for.

ZeldaQueen: How does one "accidentally" crusade for those things? Was he just hanging out at the water cooler and saying "You know, wouldn't it be great if purebloods were taught Muggle Biology?" and them everyone ran off and got that passed?

But, now, it's time for me to bow out…"

ZeldaQueen: : *sings* This is the end, friend!

"What are your plans? You can't live in the past. It'll wither you, Harry."

ZeldaQueen: And then you'll have no hope for a family again

"My plans are my own, Minister, but I thank you for inquiring…"

ZeldaQueen: (Angsty Harry) "By God, I am pompus!"

The Minister rubbed at his temples. "I know you hate the fame, Harry, but you are a public person, especially after this disaster. You won't be left alone…"

ZeldaQueen: Canon Harry hated the fame. This one's perfectly alright with it, at least as a means to drag Ginny through the mud

"I'll be left alone, Minister, to finish my work. I can take care of myself."

"You won't be happy, Harry." His tone of voice suggested Kingsley thought this his best, his final, argument.

"Kingsley, sir, I don't think I'll ever be able to be happy again."

ZeldaQueen: No fooling?

"Time will dull…"

Harry stood up from his seated position. "Sir, I'm afraid it won't. You have my letter of retirement. I assume I'll retain privileges relating to the use of the Ministry's libraries?"

ZeldaQueen: This is just stupid and boring. Harry is not like this!

Kingsley bit his lip. He just nodded. "I'll sit on this letter for a week, Harry.

ZeldaQueen: (Kingsley) "So that it can hatch into a chick"

Take some time and rethink this."

"Since the horror happened, it's all I can think of. Nothing else matters, I'm afraid. Good day, Minister."


September 30 – December 19, 2018

Harry had both disappeared from the wizarding world and become a totem for its continued change.

ZeldaQueen: I know this is going to get a little repetitive, but where the fuck are Ron and Hermione? Like hell would they not have shown up by now!

People realized that they agreed with what Harry wanted to do, but no longer had him around to do the simple, impossible things he attempted on a monthly basis. Other people began to step up.

Harry was still around, though no one knew it. He found his mind locked in the past, not just on his most recent personal tragedy but the one that had stolen his parents from him as well. It was a bit easier to think of his parents' tragedy rather than the recent, bitter one Harry had felt.

ZeldaQueen: Because Canon Harry was never bothered by their deaths before, nope

He read trial transcripts from the Death Eater trials.

He read family histories: the Bones, the Prewetts, the McKinnons, and the histories of the eleven old wizarding families that had been completely extinguished during the first war.

He read reports from orphanages and the appropriate volumes of the Annals of Hogwarts and thousands of pages of bureaucratic output from the Ministry of Magic decades earlier.

Then he went to the Ministry's 'secure archives' and retrieved old Auror reports. He looked at individual battles, the tactics they claimed to use, and all the minutiae.

ZeldaQueen: I have no idea why, but this seems to be the author's favorite to to have Harry do - go into libraries and read a ton of books, only to find out about "wizarding corruption" and go on a vengeful crusade to ferret it out

Harry's perception of his world began to change.

ZeldaQueen: (Harry) "My God, I'm in a fanfic!"

The Death Eaters used Unforgivables and 'killed innocents.' The Aurors used Unforgivables and sometimes 'people were hurt in the crossfire from Ministry actions.'

ZeldaQueen: Fuck me, this is stupid. Yes, things were messy in the war. People were being brainwashed and turning traitor and no one knew who to trust!

Harry went back to the archives and found confiscated Death Eater records. He read all of them, too. They were diaries kept by Voldemort's top people. The man had even had an unofficial historian to document his campaigns.

ZeldaQueen: Because it's not like stuff written by devoted Death Eaters won't be extremely biased, nope.

Seriously, has Harry learned nothing from Rita Skeeter and The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore?

Some of the stories agreed precisely with what the Aurors had stated – well, except for the bureaucratic language employed. But others were vastly different accounts.

ZeldaQueen: I see DW has been taking lessons from Halcyon and Rose's politician hatred

The Aurors and the Death Eaters agreed on who'd killed Fabian Prewett, but disagreed on how Gideon had died (Aurors blamed Antonin Dolohov; the Death Eaters credited friendly fire from an unknown Auror). There were inconsistencies like this for almost a decade's worth of records.

ZeldaQueen: And I'm sure the Nazis blamed a ton of stuff on other people as well! What about actual evidence?

Then Harry began to pay attention to the details around the official reports (not the facts inside them):

ZeldaQueen: Yes Harry, ignore the facts

who'd approved the reports, who'd read and authorized them. Quite a few names came back again and again. Crouch, Bagnold, Fudge, and others he wasn't familiar with.

ZeldaQueen: The top people in charge of arresting Death Eaters. Le gasp!

The odd divergence between Death Eater accounts, Ministry accounts, and the printed record in the Daily Prophet occurred most often when Bartemius Crouch was involved and only less often when Fudge inserted himself into the situation.

ZeldaQueen: Why would Harry trust anything a Death Eater or the Daily Prophet wrote, especially after Order of the Phoenix and onward?

And while I can understand him being confused, DW here seems to be forgetting something - HERMIONE!!! Seriously, why in hell would Harry go trudging through a task like this without at least consulting Hermione? She's the bookworm! Harry knows that she's the one who can find stuff! And it's not like she wouldn't help him with something like this!

A pattern like that was problematic, given what Harry knew of both men.

ZeldaQueen: You know, besides locking up his son (who he had really good reason to), what did Crouch do that makes Harry so supsicious of him? Crouch was very notable for arresting Death Eaters who were notoriously dangerous. He died by trying to escape his son and warn Dumbledore about Voldemort

Harry took stacks of notes…and drew many disturbing conclusions about the history he'd never known. The Aurors killed three times as many people as the Death Eaters had at their three dozen different pitched battles (excluding the many, many raids where the Death Eaters were unopposed).

ZeldaQueen: Blah, blah, blah, Harry finds an Evil Conspiracy and is disillusioned by the Aurors. Which makes no sense, seeing as Harry was wary about the ministry before all of this ever happened!

Harry also began counting numbers and names. The Death Eaters had numbered fewer than forty by the time Voldemort was 'vanquished' in 1981, but the reports revealed the names of two hundred nineteen known or suspected Death Eaters killed in battles, a far larger base of support for Voldemort than history ever revealed. At their height, the Aurors had only been one hundred forty bodies strong. History had obscured that fact as well.

ZeldaQueen: Apparently the author missed the fact that Voldemort had supporters and spies who weren't necessarily also Death Eaters. Also, it was made quite clear that there were people being impersonated and mind-controlled. Mr. Weasley and many others made it quite clear that the Ministry had a lot of trouble finding out who really was a Death Eater. It's not like this stuff was kept secret!

Questions and doubts of many kinds filled his mind, but Harry found only more questions and not answers in what he read – in the distractions he filled his life with as he couldn't have his children back. The question, the main one, was 'why?'

ZeldaQueen: So he's so sad that his kids are dead that he's reading about war casualties? I think Harry needs some therapy

Harry turned back to his notes on the proceedings of the Wizengamot during this time.

On the last day of November, Harry finally realized he had enough suspicions.

ZeldaQueen: (Harry) "Dear lord, I really am in another fanfiction!"

"How was I so blind? I almost saw the truth in that horrible last year of the war, but I flushed all my anger. I let the dying Snape and the dead Dumbledore manipulate me again…Their half truths got me to forgive them both, the ruddy bastards."

ZeldaQueen: Fuck me with a lead pipe, he is not. I absolutely hate fics that make out like Dumbledore is the debbil. Anyway, we're probably going to get a lot of bull on how evil those two men are for daring to help Harry bring about the end of an evil wizard

Harry went to Hogwarts over the winter break and got permission from Headmaster Keitch, former Defense Professor and Head of Hufflepuff House, to speak with Albus Dumbledore's portrait in a private setting.

ZeldaQueen: "Private setting"? Bow-chicka-bow-wow!

Harry could barely contain his contempt for his former Headmaster. "Albus, I have a few matters to discuss with you…"

"Certainly, Harry, but let me extend my condolences. Freddie Keitch told me what happened…"

ZeldaQueen: I find it hard to believe that Dumbledore would refer to the current headmaster by his first name

Harry waved his hand.

ZeldaQueen: Sha-zam!

"I want to talk about the Wizengamot in the 1970s, Albus. You were the Chief Warlock then as through much of the rest of your life…"

The portrait nodded.

"You didn't force Crouch or anyone else to follow the rules then. You let them get away without giving trials to suspected Death Eaters; you let them essentially execute a number of suspected Death Eaters…"

ZeldaQueen: Beg pardon, but weren't most of the people arrested as Death Eaters sent to Azkaban? To the extent of my knowledge, the wizarding world didn't even have the death penalty

The portrait tried to interrupt.

"I've read the transcripts from the trials and the complete text of the Wizengamot sessions from then. I know. You allowed the Ministry to pillage the estates of extinct wizarding lines without regard to the wills left behind. You allowed wizarding orphans to be sent to muggle orphanages – which is worse than what you did to me in 1981 – and many of them never came back into our world, at least not into the British portion."

ZeldaQueen: I'm sorry, but this is bullshyte, plain and simple. What evidence is there that Dumbledore would allow something like this to happen? And even if wizard orphans were left in Muggle orphanages, why on Earth wouldn't they come back to the wizarding world? Tom Riddle was in a Muggle orphanage and he was accepted to Hogwarts.

And please don't play the "Dursleys were horrible and abusive" card. It was made quite clear that it had to be done, or else Harry would have been murdered before he was seventeen. Why can no one understand that concept? Or does the author think that it's preferable for Harry to have gone without magical protection, just so that he feels good?

"There was nothing I could do…"

"Albus, you were the most powerful wizard in Britain. There wasn't much you couldn't do. With that kind of power, the rules no longer apply to you, unless you choose to follow them, right? That's the reason they insisted you serve as Chief Warlock? To tie you closer to the rules…"

ZeldaQueen: Bull, I say! Author, did you read Order of the Phoenix? Like, at all? Dumbledore was respected, yes, and held a good bit of power. But if the Ministry didn't want to listen to him, they fucking well didn't listen!

"Barty Crouch had the public support to prosecute the war…"

"Albus, he was as much a terrorist in the end as Voldemort was.

ZeldaQueen: Excuse me? Excuse me?!? I don't seem to recall Crouch torturing and murdering entire families just because he could. I don't seem to recall him mentally enslaving people. I don't seem to recall any evidence of him locking away anyone without really good reason!

I suspect he covered up the deaths of at least one hundred witches and wizards dying, non-combatants, without any punishment for their attackers…every case was attributed to 'accidental means' or blamed on Death Eaters…"

"Now, Harry, there's no way you could know that."

ZeldaQueen: Yeah, because it never happened!

"I went and found the Death Eaters' record of events. They planned to win, you know, and wanted to be able to write convincing histories of their great triumph over 'the muggle-loving fools.' So, I do know. I compared the Death Eater records with the official Ministry archives; they don't match in a lot of places. I have no idea why you let this happen…"


"There was nothing legal I could do to stop…"

"So you just sat at the head of a public court system and didn't tell anyone? Didn't explain it all to the public?"

"I didn't want to be disloyal…"

ZeldaQueen: I don't believe this at all. Nope, not one bit. Dumbledore spent the entirety of Order of the Phoenix onward risking his life and his job and his reputation to continue to make sure that the truth about Voldemort got out. This makes no sense for him

"Albus, you sat silently through the killings of hundreds of witches and wizards. And you had an illegal vigilante group keeping tabs in your spare time.

ZeldaQueen: Where the hell did that come from? I swear, if that "illegal vigilante group" is supposed to be the Order of the Phoenix...

I don't think you cared too much about what was legal…but you should have done the right things…"

"What would you have had me do, Harry?"

"End it. Protect the non-combatants."

"It sounds so simple. How?" Albus was almost mocking him now.

ZeldaQueen: Mocking aside, good freaking point! Harry, you weren't there, you idiot!

"Handle the people causing the chaos and destruction. Get rid of Crouch. Lock up or kill the mad dog Aurors he unleashed on Britain.

ZeldaQueen: So you're all for killing the Aurors when you're yelling at Dumbledore for the death toll? Amazing...

Get rid of the Death Eaters.

ZeldaQueen: THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DO, YOU MAGGOTY-BRAINED FOOL! The problem was that there were people who were mind-controlled and people who were impersonating others and people who lied very convincingly about whether or not they were Death Eaters!

Solve the problem."

"Those were Voldemort's methods, Harry…"

ZeldaQueen: Thank you, Dumbledore

"They were also Crouch's, Moody's, and a whole lot of others. The Aurors killed innocents while trying to capture the Death Eaters. Innocent people died needlessly every week from 1973 to 1981."

ZeldaQueen: And the Death Eaters killed innocents. It's a freaking war. And again, what evidence in canon is there for this?

"I mourned the deaths, Harry…"

"Mourning is never enough, Albus. You had all the knowledge you needed, but you did nothing. Worse than nothing… You killed people yourself."

ZeldaQueen: Oh fuck me...

"What? I did nothing of the sort…"

"My parents died because of a faulty spell you threw at them: there are far better security wards than the Fidelius Charm.

ZeldaQueen: Like what, wise guy?

And even that one doesn't require an outsider to hold the secret…why insist on Sirius or someone else to hold the Secret? My father could have held it. Hell, even a Potter elf could have been trusted, you bastard…"

ZeldaQueen: *holds head* Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the Potters who chose Sirius? It was a sign of how much James trusted him!

And the Potters didn't own House Elves

The portrait sputtered in indignation.

ZeldaQueen: I'm with you, buddy!

"I wonder why the Master Legilimencer sitting in front of me never tested his Order members? Or did you actually know about Pettigrew…"

ZeldaQueen: *sputters* What, what what?!? So wait, Harry's proposing that Dumbledore had mindraped every single one of his followers?!? WHAT??? And the fact that didn't is somehow evidence that he knew Pettigrew was a traitor? DW, the books answered this quite well - DUMBLEDORE'S FLAW WAS THAT HE WAS SO TRUSTING!

I might also add that we never knew when Pettigrew turned traitor. So what if he joined Voldemort towards the end? What then, Harry? Hmm?

The portrait blanched. "So, you knew or suspected…and, as always, you did nothing with the knowledge. You set it up so that the prophecy could play itself out, so that Voldemort could, with some effort, find me and my parents. You must have been so happy when you heard that the burden for ending Voldemort's days fell onto someone else. The great Dumbledore could keep his hands and beard clean, right?"

ZeldaQueen: Shut! Just...shut up! I hate people who do this, making it that Dumbledore let the Potters die to fulfill the prophecy. They're ignoring two huge things - the first is that Sirius made Pettigrew the Secret-Keeper at the last minute, without anyone, anyone, knowing. NOT EVEN DUMBLEDORE KNEW! SO HOW WOULD HE HAVE PLANNED FOR THAT??? The second thing, PROPHECIES DO NOT HAVE TO BE FULFILLED! Dumbledore tells Harry this! He says that a ton of prophecies aren't fulfilled and Harry's was no different! The reason it fell to Harry was because Voldemort would not ignore the prophecy and that Harry wanted to avenge those who died! Get it right!

The portrait's jaw firmed. "I tried my hardest. The Order and I rescued whom we could. We fought along side the Aurors when we could. But nothing could deal with Voldemort. You could land a spell directly on him and it would do little or nothing… Only the Avada Kedavra, it seemed, would work… And I wouldn't, couldn't –"

ZeldaQueen: Damn it, Dumbledore, how dare you show ethics?

"What good are you, Albus, if you never did anything with your vaunted powers?

ZeldaQueen: I hate this version of Harry. Rowling answers this question - Dumbledore has powers, but he's "too noble to use them". He doesn't kill and he's not Gold Almighty!

You say now that you did everything possible. Why was the Auror force so small compared to the ranks of the Death Eaters?

ZeldaQueen: Because of a lack of volunteers and a high death toll maybe? Do you think Dumbledore should have shanghied people off of the streets to be soldiers?

Why did Voldemort have free reign to recruit in Britain and every other European country?

ZeldaQueen: Voldemort operated under the radar, you dimwit. He hardly stood on a streetcorner with a megaphone and clipboard. Plus he brainwashed people into helping him

Why did the British never ask for foreign assistance?

ZeldaQueen: I always got the impression that the wizarding nations were rather divided until the end of the series. Hmm?

You were the one everyone looked to for leadership, but you abrogated it to Barty Crouch and his mindless thugs. You, on the other hand, sat around, let criminals run the Ministry, let the old purebloods appear at parties during the day before they donned their masks at night. You knew the names of many of the Death Eaters; you could use your Mind Arts to find the rest, had you wanted.

ZeldaQueen: Except that a lot of Death Eaters could perform Occlumency. Kind of scuppers mind rape, there

You had the power – and the utter obligation – to stop all of it. You could have had everyone in a private jail cell within days, not the most legal of actions, but it would have left Voldemort alone and more vulnerable.

ZeldaQueen: I'm confused. Harry's angry at the Ministry for unethical practices, but he thinks that Dumbledore should have mind raped and overpowered people and arrested them without probable cause or formal trials? Wow Harry, double standards much?

You knew everything that happened in Britain and did nothing. Why? That's why I've come to argue with a dusty piece of canvas. Why? Why did all this happen?"

ZeldaQueen: Because a fanfic author decided that he/she knew how to end a series better than Rowling

"I don't know how to answer that…"

ZeldaQueen: Probably for the best. The little twit wouldn't take any answers anyway

"Why did my parents die?

ZeldaQueen: Because one of their friends tricked a ton of people

Why did you stick me with hateful muggles?

ZeldaQueen: Blood protection thing, see my above rant

Why the little adventures in my first, fourth, and fifth school years that you could have stopped?

ZeldaQueen: How are those his fault? First and fifth year especially, since Harry just merrily scampered off into trouble. And Dumbledore did try to stop his fifth year escapade by having Snape teach him Occlumency. It's not his fault that Harry was too stupid to keep it up!

Why didn't you stop Ginny Weasley from unleashing the basilisk?

ZeldaQueen: Huh? What? So Dumbeldore's somehow supposed to have been suspicious of one, shy, first-year girl who no one had any reason to suspect? Or is Harry proposing that Dumbledore have mind raped the entire student body until he found the culprit? Because if so...damn

Or why not insist on Sirius Black receiving a trial?

ZeldaQueen: You know, I seem to recall Dumbledore saying that he couldn't control Fudge. I might remind DW that while Fudge asked Dumbledore for advice, he got plenty angry when Dumbledore tried to get him to do something he didn't want to.

Anyway, does the author have any idea how the Ministry of Magic works? Because I doubt Dumbledore is powerful enough to butt in wherever he wants

Cornelius Fudge couldn't have cast a cheering charm if he hadn't asked permission first. Why?"

ZledaQueen: Cheering charm? What?

Wait a second. Is this supposed to be the explanation about why Sirius laughed when they arrested him? Because if it is, that's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard

The portrait pursed his lips.

"To think I forgave you all the horrible things you did, even after your history with Grindelwald and your dead sister and everything.

ZeldaQueen: Yes, how dare Harry forgive Dumbledore for a past mistake which he felt incredibly guilty about?

You made Snape have me believe I was another sacrifice in your grand plans. I walked off believing I was about to sacrifice my life for everyone else's…and, even for that, I forgave you.

ZeldaQueen: Didn't Harry have to give himself up selflessly? Seems to me that this would be kind of ruined of he knew he was safe

Well, no more. Albus Dumbledore, you are declared enemy betrayer of the Potter Family. May peace forever escape you."

ZeldaQueen: Hmm, now who does this remind me of? Oh yes, those snooty, old-money, pureblood families that always sneered at Harry and his friends. In other words, the very people that Harry hated!!!

"What did you just do, boy?" The portrait Albus had just leaped to his feet, as if he could change anything now that he was trapped in paint.

ZeldaQueen: Why would Dumbledore care about something so childish? So Harry kicked him out of his clubhouse. Big deal, he's a painting!

"Tipping your hand, finally? 'Boy.' You sound like my Uncle Vernon."

"You can't do that to a dead man. It condemns them – me – to…"

"…eternal purgation.

ZeldaQueen: What?!? And Harry would actually do something like that? Bull, I say!

It's no less than you deserve. Lies after betrayals after omissions after plots. You are a piece of work, Albus. I hope the cleansing fires where you are find something inside you worth salvaging."

ZeldaQueen: ...Yes. Harry just condemned Dumbledore to Hell. Harry who pitied Voldemort's mutilated soul, even though he found it utterly disgusting. That sounds perfectly in-character

"No, stop, you have to stay your words, Harry. You can't do this to my soul…"

Harry started to get ready to leave, but had a sudden flash of realization. He smiled a deadly smile and fixed his gaze on the portrait.

"I long ago pieced together that you arranged for my ignorance. But one more part just made sense. You arranged for me to meet that woman didn't you?

ZeldaQueen: What?

I don't believe the Weasleys, even that vile woman I married, knew what you had planned by ensuring I was clueless my first time at King's Cross Station. But you certainly hoped that I'd fall in with the most prominent of the Light wizarding families, didn't you?

ZeldaQueen: "The most prominent of the Light wizarding families"? What? This makes no sense!

To get laughs from the twins, to make Ron my friend, perhaps even to fall for the red headed seventh child of the Weasleys. That's why Hagrid came to speak with me, not a representative of the Ministry of Magic.

ZeldaQueen: Okay, first of all, what does Hagrid have to do with him meeting the Weasleys? Ministry officials usually aren't sent for Muggle-raised children, people from Hogwarts are!

Second of all...WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?!?!? What purpose does getting Harry close to the Weasleys serve? So what, Dumbledore wanted to make sure that Harry had some friends? What? And how could Dumbledore ensure that? How could he make Ron be Harry's friend? How could he make Ginny fall in love with Harry? HOW, AUTHOR, HOW? THIS MAKES. NO. SENSE!!! GOD!

Everything was always different in my life; exceptions, complications. All your doing, I know now. You, Albus, are partially to blame for me meeting that woman, the Medea of our age. Because I just now realized it, I will never release you from your torments."

ZeldaQueen: You don't really know the story of Medea, do you, author? Because...her husband's also pretty heavy to blame for what happens in that tale.

And yes Harry, it's someone else's fault that the woman you married snapped and went totally nuts. And it's such a terrible slight that you're going to damn a person to hell for it. How sweet!

The portrait was openly crying now. The bit of soul residue contained inside the portrait was beginning to feel the pain Harry had just called down for Albus Dumbledore's true soul.

ZeldaQueen: Erm, that's not how the moving portraits work...

"When I see you again, Albus, it will not go well for you."

ZeldaQueen: You already damned him! What's left?

Harry left the small, dusty classroom where the portrait had been located. He knew enough now to be sure of his course.

"I, Harry Potter, will spend the rest of my life trying to right the wrongs committed by Voldemort, Crouch, Dumbledore, and every other villain who's broken magical Britain."

The golden glow of a solemn vow filled the corridor.

ZeldaQueen: Geez Harry, you could always use the bathroom!

Without too much thought, Harry had just committed himself to an insane plan he had no idea would work.

When he was outside, he walked to the Forbidden Forest…specifically to a small clearing that he knew well. It didn't take him long to recover the small stone, very rare, he needed. When he walked back to the Hogwarts grounds, he stopped near Dumbledore's tomb.

He placed his wand hand on the white stone and said, "Come to me, my true wand." Moments later an enormous crack formed in the tomb and Harry held the Elder Wand once more. He took his holly wand and transfigured the distinctive Deathstick into something much more common: cherry wood.

ZeldaQueen: Ah yes, the author has completely screwed up and forgotten the moral of the ending of the last book. Why am I not surprised?

He gave his new 'cherry' wand a few tests and it worked like a wonder. It was ultimate power in his hand.

Harry Potter left the grounds of Hogwarts never to return in this lifetime.

ZeldaQueen: I suppose it's too much to hope that he gets murdered over the Deathstick?


April 17, 2021

Once Harry recklessly decided on his improbable plan, he spent the next three years preparing. His pique of anger had not diminished in that time. He had not told the Hogwarts Headmaster why the portrait of Albus Dumbledore only moaned in pain now…Harry's anger for all manner of things was without bound.

ZeldaQueen: Angsty little bugger, isn't he?

Where the hell are Ron and Hermione? I really want them to show up and smack some sense into him

But inside the anger, Harry's mind was still able to plan, to weight alternatives, and to prepare.

His planning could all be for naught, as his 'plan' seemed more than ideation of a madman than anything bound in reality.

ZeldaQueen: *cough*

Still, Harry gathered together the elements he needed. He gathered together Voldemort's entire playbook from the first war: everything he'd done, everything the Ministry had done in response.

He compiled exacting biographies on everyone known to have played a role on either side of the first Voldemort war. Details of where they lived, how they made their money, who they associated with, what battles they were known to have been involved in, and anything else of interest.

The most important were on Dumbledore, Voldemort, Severus Snape, and Sybil Trelawney – the four people who had turned a mad woman's utterances into a 'reason' to wipe out a young family.

ZeldaQueen: He didn't see them as a reason to - oh fuck it

He also studied the Malfoys, the Flints, the Crouches, the Fudges, and even the Umbridges.

ZeldaQueen: Those sound like STDs

He had a detailed treatise on Voldemort's horcruxes…where they were, what they were, roughly when they'd been created, and how to get at them. He listed all the known methods of destroying them and a few suspicions on other methods. Harry wanted to ensure that Voldemort's first fall was his last fall.

ZeldaQueen: Ah, so this is a Peggy Sue fic. Fantastic

He had a detailed timeline on the events of the war: the dates of key Wizengamot votes, the dates of key disappearances and battles and raids, the date Trelawney lapsed into her prophecy…all of it. Harry was going to change everything he possibly could. (He had done the same with the Muggle world, as well, to have a second set of references. He even collated details lists of important stock and their high and low price points over the decades. While the information could be helpful supporting Harry's plans in a financial sense, it was also necessary to use such a thing to ensure that he didn't change history too much – just enough.)

ZeldaQueen: Oh, don't lie to yourself. You're screwing up the past just so you're not inconvenienced in the present

He had a list of all his suspicions, all his hypotheses. He would try to prove or disprove them…he would try to set history aright.

ZeldaQueen: Excuse me? How is it for you to decide what is "right" for history?

He also had three journals filled with notes on the theory of time travel and on the problem of paradox. He had even concocted a set of rules to ensure he wouldn't change the timeline he knew too much so as to destroy the advantage he held against Voldemort.

ZeldaQueen: How sweet. I hope he gets eaten by a Reaper

His plan was insane, audacious, likely to be a spectacular failure

ZeldaQueen: Sing it

– but just bizarre enough to possibly work.

ZeldaQueen: Which means that of course it will. *bitter sigh*

Harry was going to send himself back in time…on a one-way mission…to ensure that no one named Harry Potter ever grew up an orphan. He couldn't have children any more – couldn't stand the idea of trying to replace James, Albus, and Lily – or even use his plan to bring them back to life. He would just look at their living bodies and remember what she had done to them. No, the past he was considering was what led up to the scar on his forehead and the graves his parents dwelled in now. Harry couldn't bring himself to journey back to any point in which she had been alive.

ZeldaQueen: Alright we get it, you hate Ginny! Stop calling her "she"! Harry would not do that!

He could ensure, however, that his own parents lived and his childhood was normal and undistinguishable from any other.

ZeldaQueen: With a white picket fence and an apple pie for the Ward

All it would take was the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisbility…Harry hoped.

ZeldaQueen: "Invisbility"? Must be a variation of Harry's normal cloak

No one had ever attempted this sort of thing before, but Harry didn't care. He had nothing in the present. All his mind was focused on the past.


On what might have been.

ZeldaQueen: Ahem, "It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget reality". Hmm...

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  • Divine By Mistake: Chapter 7

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