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The Realm of Literacy

Management Assemblage for Removal of Yawing Special Unit Extermination

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Guide To The Realm
For those who are lost in the Realm of Literacy, use this guide:
Medival-Pirate Reviews

Other Sites Of Interest

Fantasy Dress Up Games


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(Deleted comment)
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How do you make a Link Guide (or whatever this is) like this? I'm trying to set up The Daily Insanity, a MST blog of my own, an I can't understand how you got it. Advice?

Oh, it's just a regular post. To keep it at the top of the journal at all times, you just edit the post, go to the section with the date (between the poster name and the userpic). Select the "Date Out Of Order" box and type in a date in the far future.

The links themselves can be done just by posting links, like you can do for any post.

Hope that helped! ^_^

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very interesting article! I will follow your themes.
Can I subscribe to your posts on Twitter or on your Facebook profile?

Um, I don't have a Facebook, but you're more than welcome to follow my Twitter feed if you want.

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