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Spork Chamber - Other

Sporkings or Dissections which do not necessarily fit in with regular M.A.R.Y.S.U.E. regulations

A Rapist's View of the World: Josh Whedon and Firefly

A Rapist's View of the World: Our Mrs. Reynolds - Part 1

A Wive Beater's View of the World: Our Mrs. Reynolds - Part 2

Firefly: Objects in Space: Black Masculinity Through The Paradigm Of Whitemale Lust

Titanic: The Legend Goes Spork (Part 1) (Part 2)

Jack Chick Dissections

Quotes From Neil

Quotes From Gethesemane (Part 1) (Part 2)

Mary Sue Misogyny?

Should "Fatties" Get a Room? (Even on TV?) - Or Yes, I'm Also Jumping On The Blogger Bandwagon

Racism And Sexism In Tangled - Or, Okay WHAT Are These People Smoking?

Christmas In The Realm - A Double Feature

User Pics - For A Late Valentine

Stephenie Meyer vrs. J.K. Rowling

Christmas In The Realm - 2011

In Which I Do A Meme

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