Announcements From The Realm: Busy Times Last Weekend

Hey, everyone! ZeldaQueen, checking in with you all. Originally this post was meant to be very different, but then it got deleted because such is life.

Long story short, I kind of fell behind on a bunch of stuff because last weekend was Tekkoshocon, Pittsburgh's own anime convention! I had a ton of fun with everyone and was planning to give a very detailed account of what all happened. Given that I was hit with a few more things to address here though, I decided to make this post an update on things in general. So! *claps hands* What's going on!

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To make up for that mood whiplash, I'm going to conclude this post with a story from Tekkoshocon which I swear is 100% true and in no way embellished. Because my panel had run over its allotted time and hit the point where the convention center rooms were supposed to be locked up and I still had one last fanfiction to have read, I told everyone present that if they wanted to have an unofficial reading of the final scene, we could meet at the roof of the convention center at noon the next day (this would be Sunday, the last day of the convention). The reading was the sex scene written for Sword Art Online in its original light novel format (sporked by Raxis on the comm, for anyone interested) and the turn-out was respectable. We were all having a fine time, reading away and pausing for rants like "WHY WOULD A VIRTUAL VIDEO GAME PROGRAM FOR BODILY FLUIDS TO DISAPPEAR IN BEADS OF LIGHT?" We were about halfway through and things were really getting uh...steamy, so to speak, when something happened that could not have been more perfect if it was scripted.

Two cosplayers - a boy and a girl - stopped by on the roof.

They were dressed as Kirito and Asuna, the leads of Sword Art Online and the subjects of our reading.

They were far enough away that they couldn't hear us, but we could all see them and freaked. This was the most hilarious thing we could think of, and nobody could decide what to do. Call them over? Say something? Ignore them? Read louder?

As we were deciding, my boyfriend just decided to take matters into his own hands (he does this often) and walked across the roof to them. We could see him saying something to them, which none of us could actually hear. We could all probably guess though, because a split second later, Asuna whipped around to face us and shouted, "YOU'RE READING WHAT?!?"

She then came running over, Kirito in tow, and grabbed the chapter we were reading. I asked her if she wanted to read along with us. She gave it a shot, but only managed to get out one sentence. After that, she quickly left the roof, laughing hysterically and followed by Kirito.

The rest of the reading passed by relatively uneventful. We saw two other different Kirito cosplayers, but none of them ended up interacting with us like that. The whole thing was just brilliant.

I think I'll bring that particular chapter back to read at the panel proper, assuming I'm approved for Round Three next year.

So, that's about all the news from my end. If there are any thoughts, questions, concerns, or observations related to any of this or anything I should have addressed but didn't, please drop me a comment! This is my moment for catching up, so if there's a sporking you'd like to see taking higher priority or something you'd like me to deal with or take care of, now's an excellent time to say so. I promise, unless you're insulting me directly or whatever, I will not be angry. Hell, if you're creative enough with your insults, it's possible even then that I'd be impressed. I'd rather you didn't, but still.

So, yeah. Tell me what is on your mind, hope to pick things up soon! Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

Announcements From The Realm: Check This Out, Please!

Greetings, everyone! Bit of a break from sporking right now, to bring up something a little different.

I've mentioned before how I'm involved with the Ghost Trick Musical Project. Well, fellow LJ member helenvondrama is as well! Besides being a massive Ace Attorney fan, she is also working to make her way as a professional actress and singer. Her latest project was an English cover of "Mune Ga Doki Doki", which fans of Detective Conan will recognize as the J-Rock song used as the opening theme!

You're probably scratching your head, wondering why I'm bringing so much attention to this one cover in particular. Well... this one's kind of special to me. You see, after some time dithering around, I've finally had a chance to finish something I've really been wanting to do - put together an English translation of one of the many J-Rock songs I'm fond of.

That's right, folks. The English cover in that video? I did the lyrics! :D

For those who know the opening of the dub of Case Closed, I didn't use any of those lyrics. I looked at a literal translation and put it together in a way that I hope is pleasing and makes sense. I myself knew I'd be no good at singing it, but fortunately the awesome Helen was happy to give it a shot. And what a job she did on it!

So yeah, please take a listen! And if you like Helen's singing, please listen to her other covers (she's done a good many fandubs of songs from Studio Ghibli films - this was her first foray into rock!), give her feedback, spread word of her YouTube channel to other folks, and all that fun stuff. :)

Anywho, that's my announcement for today! Take a listen, tell us what you think, and stick around for some more music and sporkings. Hope you enjoy!
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In Which I Do A Meme: OTP Questions

Yoinked from insanepurin, to make up for missing posting Marked last week. ^^;

Send me a character and I'll tell you:

My NOTP for them
My OTF (One True Friendship) for them
My OTP for them
My second choice pairing for them
My fluffy pairing for them
My angsty pairing for them
My favorite poly ship for them
My weirdest pairing for them

Fandoms: Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, Hetalia, Narnia, Detective Conan, Cyborg 009, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and any other fandom I previously mentioned being into.

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Divine By Mistake: Chapter 1

ZeldaQueen: So yeah, this book is split into three parts, for some reason. I have nary a clue why. Technically the book resets the chapters after each part begins (so the first chapter in the second part is Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 5), but because that's needlessly confusing, I'll just be counting the chapters as they go.
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In Which I Do A Meme: GIF Challenge

Got tagged for this a good long while ago by charlie2cute!

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked with gifs, and write 11 new ones or don’t, whatever. ~
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them. (Does the tagging counts as telling? xd They'll see if they are tagged.)
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